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  Anji Mt.Lingfeng Scenic Spot,Zhejiang,China. P.C.:313000  Tel:86-572-5338888 Fax:86-572-5338777 Contacts us Hotel notices Photo view
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The biggest garden villa holiday village in Anji
  Sunny Holiday Resort is located at The hometown of bamboo-Lingfeng scenic spot in Anji County,China. 6Km away from downtown of the County, 58Km away from Hangzhou and 220Km away from Shanghai.
  Sunny Holiday Resort with more than 300Mu of green lawn, lake and mountain. It has silent environment, fresh air, spring weather, while you are wandering in it, it is an absolutely attractive experience.
  In the outskirt environment with combining thought of heaven and man, the Sunny Holiday Resort with endless image and beauty makes you surprised and intoxication. Wandering in the poetic green, you are feeling romantic charm of the nature and released from your heart.
  Sunshine, clean water, green and nature are permanent themes of Sunny Holiday Resort.
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Tel:86-572-5338888 Fax:86-572-5338777
ADD:Anji Mt.Lingfeng Scenic Spot,Zhejiang,China. P.C.:313000
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